Habit Modification

The Challenge Why do we want to change them? Here’s Tom Ziglar’s response to a related question, “What is the fastest way to success?” Replace bad habits with good habits. Tom, like his father Zig, is so immersed in serving humanity that this...

Bad News Good News

Houston! We have a problem! There is a lie out there. A hopeful belief that has been accepted and perpetuated by the half full population. An idea that is easily adopted, tried and found to be false yet I believe we’ve all fallen victim to it in some way or...

Have You Taken Action?

Where did your money go? Do you feel out of control? What direction are you headed in? What is the driving force in that direction? What is stopping you? There are many excuses that get in the way of real and lasting change and we’ve been on a journey...
Special Report: 5 Secrets of Rapid Change

Special Report: 5 Secrets of Rapid Change

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