Millionaire Mind

I didn’t know I needed a millionaire mind. My parents may be millionaire’s, I don’t know. Our money was one thing we didn’t talk about at home. Sure we got the basics: give a tithe, save for college and then for retirement. I didn’t know...

Insurance For Debt Freedom

Who wants insurance? In fact, there were periods of my life where I had only auto insurance, no health, no life, no renters etc. That’s not a good plan but the Lord brought me through those days without significant harm. Dave Ramsey recommends 7 types of...

You’ve Got 1,000s More Chances

Last weeks post, Don’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions, show’s itself in this moving video from a four year old. The point is that making change is hard. Every big change you want in your life becomes a lasting change when you’ve done 10, 100,...
Special Report: 5 Secrets of Rapid Change

Special Report: 5 Secrets of Rapid Change

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