Top of the mornin’ to ya. This is Brian at
I’m at the airport this morning getting out and meeting people not at the airport so to speak, I’m on my way to a conference with the mastermind group that I’m a participant in.

It’s kind of a special situation this mastermind group’s been around three or four years I’ve only been in it just over a year. It’s a group of seven groups and it’s still expanding. And twice a year we get together in person our regular meetings are online on Zoom and we meet and coordinate in that way. But that does 90 percent of the connections, and the relationship building, and stuff that I look for in a group having that moment together really finishes it, puts the real flesh to flesh connection to complete that relationship and it’s just powerful. Not only do I meet with the ten guys in my group but I get to meet–this weekend there’s, oh what is it? 57 of the 70 of us all coming together to meet and share experiences, share stories, share knowledge, and speak into each other’s lives.

Beyond that last week, yeah, I guess it’s still last week, I was at Denver Startup Week so that’s another opportunity–different style of opportunity to reach out and get to know people, connect with them and expand yourself, expand your mind, expand your business, expand your family, expand your kingdom reach.

So, ’bout time to get on my flight. So, I’ll look for you again next week.

Top of the mornin’ to ya!