Top of the mornin’ to ya. This is Brian at

Top of the morning is a pretty big deal today because it’s daylight savings time. Daylight Savings Time is an opportunity to take advantage of and I don’t know about savings you shouldn’t be saving this time you should be spending it. So. I got up this morning. It was so much easier to get up In fact I have a double advantage. I just spent a week in Florida last week. So that’s two hours ahead of Denver here where I live.

So I got coming back from there I got a huge advantage in just that jetlag and taking that to my advantage and using that morning time, using that spirit, using that awake-ness, that I have by being used to a pattern used to pattern.

We just spend six months with our clocks turned forward and now we get to turn them back and we get an hour tonight and you can take that and spend it and you can use it all up. Right now. Or you can continue spending it continue building that mindset every day. Continue waking up with that high spirit. Continue waking up putting on your A-game.

I’m here at a retreat this weekend to UGurus retreat and just having an awesome time I guess it’s not really a retreat its more of a summit or conference just meeting with like minded people building up businesses taking advantage of each other, taking advantage of the spirit that we have, taking advantage of the common business challenges and common personalities that we have as entrepreneurs.

And. Just like taking advantage of the morning, you gotta take advantage of the opportunities that are presented with every day. So don’t let daylight savings time be a savings. And don’t let it wear out. Two, three, four days you can go back to your normal old self. You can go back to sleeping in, getting into your regular routine. Or you can get a jump on the team, get a jump on the competition, get a jump on you. Get a jump on you, your life, your family and your business.

Listened to Zig Ziglar last week he was talking about, sure you can go to work and you can stay later, stay later in the day and get more done and get stuff done. But people see that. You can also come in early and get more done. He tells the story in that presentation about these two ladies. They kind of hated their job. They’re kind of going in, they’re going to work. And they were planning, and Friday is going to be our last day we’re going to quit this job on Friday. So let’s get up. Let’s go in early. And just make a good impression on our last day. So they went in early. They went into work early. They fixed the coffee up for everybody. They even started beating the other workers as they came into work and offered them coffee and just service and kindness. Went through the day just treated all the customers like you’re the best you’re awesome and I can take this day and make it wonderful for you. And I’m just killing it not going out of the park.

The two ladies got towards the end of the day and the kind of met up in one of the lady says, “Are you going to tell him or am I?”

And the first lady says, “Tell him what?”

“Tell him that we’re quitting.”

“Why would I do that? This is the best job I’ve ever had. ”

So attitude, attitude, attitude is everything and just walking in and starting early take advantage of daylight savings time today, take advantage of it this week and keep it alive, keep it alive, keep it alive and affect those around you, affect your life, your business and your world. Hey this is Top of the mornin’ to ya. I love visiting with you. This is Brian buh bye.