Top of the mornin’ to ya. This is Brian at and it’s a beautiful morning. Kids are off to school. My wife’s been on a trip to Minnesota this week and she gets back tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re going up to the mountains to hunt down a Christmas tree in the forest by Winter Park.

I listened to, I didn’t listen to, I got an e-mail from Kate Erickson who hangs out with John Lee Dumas this week on some of their reflections from You-preneuer summit over in England–I think. And number one they had five points. Number one, the last one: five, four, three, two, one, kind of struck me as something to think about this week, particularly because it’s an area that I’m working on right now. It’s funny how the content that we read, and view, and listen to often speaks to us. And it was about doing things that don’t scale. I’m ready to scale I’d love to scale my business. I would love to add team members.

I would love to help more people. But the world isn’t ready for me yet. The world isn’t ready for that yet. So I’m in a season 15-16 months on my own with my two businesses and I am still,, I didn’t do enough work at things that don’t scale. The last 16 months and I’m really working hard on it right now. Things that don’t scale like going to coffee with a new publisher yesterday for an hour things like calling a new customer on the phone that buys a really small product like web hosting, or registers a domain name and talking to them on the phone and making sure that they have everything they need. Volunteering and serving in the technology and the mastermind community and just giving–giving myself, giving my knowledge, giving my experience, that scales a little bit but it really fits in that category of things that don’t scale.

Calling companies, calling friends and relatives and trying to understand their business, their home, their organization, their club and finding places and opportunities to grant and offer value to them, things that don’t scale build up your image they build up who you are. They create that trusted audience, that trusted following. And the reason others can scale when you’re starting something new is because they’ve put in their time and the non-scaling stuff. What happens is if I do all these things and I provide value and I do this, and I do that people don’t need as much hand-holding, they don’t need as much intimate connection with me, because they already know that me and my company and my business can do what we say we can do. There’s that social proof. There’s the people that I’ve helped before that post testimonies give referrals recommendations and have the results of the work that I’ve done with them and for them. That speaks volumes to potential new customers and people that come along your way.

So if you’re in Side Hustle nation or you’re in 48 Days Eagles or you’re in any group where you’re trying to move from a job to a business you’re in a great position to do things that don’t scale so that you can put things in place to establish your company with social proof, with strength and with the reputation, because that’s really what it is it’s about having a reputation and having trust with customers and potential customers and when you have that it just grows and it grows on a nonlinear scale as Tom Schwab told me the other day as you grow it’s going to grow a little bit and a little bit and then it’s going to grow more and more more more more.

So take take that for what it’s worth. Look at where you’re at and where you’re headed and determine if you’re trying to scale too early.

And if you are, scale it back. Touch somebody, touch somebody’s business in a way that doesn’t scale but can make a huge impact.

Top of the mornin’ to ya.