Top of the mornin’ to Ya! This is Brian at I see a few geese off in the background chewing up the grass and eating. Picking out the seeds and probably doing some poopin’. So, glad they’re over there and not in my yard over there.

They know what they want. They want to eat. And they know what they need. They need to eat. And what do they do. They choose to eat. They choose to find food. They choose to fly south. They choose to follow their their needs more, more than their wants. I guess there’s a want need alignment. Maybe they don’t have wants? Is that is that our challenge as humans that we have wants? We have desires. We choose recreation and fun and we have wants that are recreation and fun. And often the things that we want don’t line up with the things that we choose. And. A lot of that happens to me because the want is so far away I can’t see it. So far away I can’t see it. I can’t see that want with what I choose today. The want is so distant that it doesn’t feel like the choices I make today lead to that.

Leading and lagging indicators are coming to mind as I’m talking. We talk about that a lot and the mastermind community. That a lagging indicator is the paycheck. A lagging indicator is the vacation, the toys, the free time. The leading indicators are what leads to that. What leads to that free time. Well, having a job. What leads to having a job? Well. having the skills and the knowledge and the know how that lead to having the skills and the training. For entrepreneurs it’s even more difficult because it’s not about a job. It’s about having a customer. In order to have a customer you have to provide value of some type. You need to know what the pains and problems are in that area. And it’s going all the way back to where I’m at this month is a big month. December was pretty slow and my software industry my software company and I’ve been spending that time every day, extra time right now really digging in, to those sales, digging in to finding people, understanding where they’re at, understanding what their needs are. And it’s so far away from the paycheck that it’s hard to do it. Each and every day. And so far away that it feels like I’m not doing anything productive. But that’s the choice that we need to make and the stronger we can connect to our wants. The choices become easier along the way.

Especially with our kids with disabilities and regular–it’s back to the marshmallow test. What do you choose? And if you haven’t seen the marshal test you’ve got to Google that up and find that on YouTube and learn about it because it’s about delaying gratification. So, think about your choices today and this week as you start this new year. Are you choosing to follow that New Year’s resolution you made? Is that New Year’s Resolution something you really want. And connecting those choices to our wants instead of what’s going to be fun RIGHT NOW to what’s going to be fun for longer and enduring time.

Top of the mornin’ to Ya! This is Brian.

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