Top of the mornin’ to Ya! This is Brian at This week I am talking about change and it’s funny that I pick that topic because in my morning devotional, one of the topics was about change. It was talking about Jacob and how he wrestled with God. In fact the article opens with a discussing are you at a crisis situation in your life? And if so, um, it’s time to get ready for change.

One of the things I’ve done over the years as a ski racing coach and a ski instructor and — kids are awesome. Kids are ready for change. They’re up to it. They’re going there. I was at a leadership meet up on Monday and we were discussing–one of the questions was how do you interact with one of your coworkers when you need them to change their approach? And I didn’t share at that point because the presenter kind of answered the question, but as an instructor of adults, um, I always introduce the ski class with you’ve come here and you’ve hired me to be your ski instructor. And you want a ski instructor because you want to be a better skier. And if we rewind that a little bit better is different than where you’re at now. So better means change. Do you like change? And the typical adult is kind of tentative and hesitant about change. So once we get across the point that you hired me to make you uncomfortable, to put you in a position where you can change and improve and get better. And this applies outside of skiing as well. Once they finally accept that…the ski lesson is going to make them uncomfortable. They want the change to be a better skier, therefore I can accept and work through that discomfort. So I’m in life, we need to change all the time.

Um, one of my articles on the website is about goalmentum and that can be good, but there’s also a momentum that we have as we go through the day, um, and through the night that are kind of the biggest ones that I’m struggling with, with my kids right now. And that’s that momentum of I’m sleeping now. And it’s time to get up and get ready for school and they don’t want to change what they’ve been doing. They’re comfortable doing that thing and it applies to me too sometimes. Um, and I need to recognize that it’s time for a change. Same at night. Um, my middle, middle, middle, older daughter, I guess all my daughters are middle because I have three in the middle. Um, my oldest daughter likes to do stuff and then she’ll, uh, not wanting to change the action, the activity to go to sleep. Um, we run into this also when we’re trying to do something, go out as a family, um, go to church. Um, whatever it is. That momentum of I’m playing now, I don’t want to change and go where you’re going.

What’s going on with you as a, as an adult, in your life. What are you doing in life right now that is on a momentum, but it’s not a good momentum. It’s time for a change. Um, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but, uh, it’s for the better. Look at what you’re not liking and find a change. Find a replacement for that. Um, scripture just popped into my head about clearing out a bad spirit out of you and leaving that vacant. So not only do we have this momentum of a bad thing, but we need to make a change in it. And we needed to replace it with something good because as that bad spirit goes out and gets to hang out with his buddies and his buddies carouse the neighborhood of minds and they come back and find that space empty, they’re going to fill it up with all of them. So when we make a change, we need to change to something. We need to change your behavior and replace it with something else. We need to change an activity and make it into something productive.

So change is uncomfortable. Accept that, say that, understand that and be willing to go to the next level and say, the results of this change are better than where I’m at now. And there are risks and it is a challenge, but you can do it! Top of the mornin’ to ya, be blessed.