Top of the mornin’ to ya, this is Brian at Last week we talked about what do we drop first in our lives? Whether it’s getting up and getting to the gym and working out, eating the right things, spending time in our scriptures, spending time with our family. This week I’m going to go flip that on its head pretty much and ask you what do you need to drop?

You knew when you came into this video just by reading the question, something came into your mind that doesn’t fit with the rest of your life. Something–It’s just sitting there. Whether it’s too much time on the TV, too many sweets, too many snacks, too much time at the office, too much time focusing on work. Um, and maybe it’s more dire than that for you. Maybe it’s relationships outside of your marriage, pornography, masturbation, drugs.

Drugs is a challenge in Colorado. Marijuana is legal here. I know a number of folks in Celebrate Recovery with me, that are dealing with drugs and the legal drugs and knowing that that is damaging their lives. Sometimes the thing that you need to let go isn’t illegal. It isn’t against the law. It’s not against the rules. But as, as it’s stated in scripture, it may not be right for you and it may not be right for the people that are around you. I don’t need to name it because you already have, you’ve named it just by reading the title to this video, opening up and listening to it this long. You have something in your life that is getting in the way, that is causing you to drop those things you shouldn’t be dropping that we talked about last week.

So name that thing to yourself. Name that thing to God and pray for his help and removing it from your life, getting that block or out of your way, and then name it to another man, another woman, depending on your gender, naming it to another person and you can pray on it. And you can have a support and accountability system and dropping that thing that needs to get out of your life, that thing that’s blocking you from going to the next level. For me, I’m still working on sexual addiction, working on some of my thought patterns there. I have 10 years of recovery in that area, but it’s continue, continued work to remain sexually pure in heart and mind. So Top of the mornin’ to ya! Drop that thing out of your life and be blessed.

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