Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at The last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about what things need to be in our routine, in our schedule, what things need to be left out of our routine or schedule. Or even more, what things do we need to NOT be doing that aren’t part of our routine or schedule that we just happened to do and what things do we not plan and put into our schedule that needed to be there.

My mastermind group right now is reading Profit First. In my reading last night I came across a subject that really fits in with this thread that we’ve been on the last couple of weeks. It had a diagram with a circle with where you’re at and sometimes it’s in an uncomfortable spot and then there’s where you’re going, what’s your destination and where are you…where are you heading to? And there’s an arrow going from there.

But this circle was also surrounded by arrows going in this way and this way and this way and that way, that way and that way. And that way with little comments about things that were available around that place where I’m at to get some immediate income, get-grow the business, grow the money that comes through the business. And really it’s, the book is Profit First. So it’s talking about some of the things that we choose to do, seem like profit, but they’re more in line with immediate gratification. They’re more in line with I feel like I need something right now to eat in that desperation and reactive mode. And a lot of them are good. They’re good things. It would be good to get outside of my zone and do some Alexa apps. It would be good to do more ministry work. Um, it would be good too.

Well, the example in the book was the Lawn Guy — Fixing chimneys and fixing gutters and cleaning gutters and changing around what he’s up to just to get another dollar from a known customer. Um, and really taking a step back and looking at those are all good things and they’re all . . . I was going to say, “not hurt you”, but really they might hurt you just because they’re good. It doesn’t take you from here over to here. Um, I think the book good to great is an awesome example of that. There’s so many good things we could do over here that are going to distract us. Take us on a detour. Send us the wrong direction. Some arrows were pointing this way, right? Instead of getting us to great. Getting us to our vision. Getting us where we want to go.

So be careful about doing good things. Be careful about saying yes. Figure out where the here is for you. Make sure here is great and do everything you can to stay on that path and not get distracted by the rabbit hole, by the quick buck, by the. Oh, that sounds good. No. Is your friend in every yes you give. If you’re going to give it right, takes a thousand no’s to protect it, guard it, and send you on to your destination.

Top of the mornin’ to ya. Be Blessed. This is Brian.