Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at In my mastermind right now we’re reading Deep Work by Cal Newport and I didn’t have content for this morning. My idea list was dry but came across in my reading today and it’s really “attention residue.”

I’ve done it all the time. I’ve, It’s, It’s the answer to one of my pains and problems in my everyday work in trying to get on with things. It happens in my children all the time and particularly magnified by A.D.H.D and autism. And I’m not sure what the other one has. But she likes everything perfect like me. So not quite OCD but pretty attentive to detail. Attention residue is what we experience when we are going through something and it’s time to switch. But this isn’t done. So we have attention residue as we start the new thing for X amount of time.

A study was presented in the book. It took a bunch of workers and they had them do a bunch puzzles. One group of workers was interrupted in the middle of the puzzles. They didn’t have time to finish and sent to transition to reading and evaluating resumes for hiring decisions.

The second group was given enough time to finish the puzzles have a little bit of cooldown time and then they were sent off to the same task. In-between those she ran a test against them and guess who was more ready to work on their resumes. The folks that had the work on the puzzles had the resting period and then moved in transition to the other one. I time block my calendar a lot and stuff that’s going to take multiple days. It may find I may find that I need to time block more of that into a bigger block instead of doing it every day during the week. How can I take some of those and box them up and do them once a week so that I can get through the whole task completely so I don’t suffer that attention residue as I move into my next next task or next activity. One, this will get done better and Two, this will get done better because the attention residue is gone.

It’s clean but completing this task completing the sequence I can move onto the next one. So Deep Work, it’s a good book. It’s my second time through it and I’m still finding gems. Top of the mornin’ to ya! Be blessed.

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