Save for Retirement (Baby Step 4)

Dad suggested a few times in life to save for retirement. I kept myself busy skiing and adventuring so it didn’t seem that important at the time. When the time comes, social security will provide for my needs. . . Maybe. . . but what about my wants? What about...

Struggling to Breath?

Are you just struggling to keep your head up for air? Do you wonder what the meaning of life is? Are you missing your destination? Do you feel like this turtle, barely able to keep a nose up to the air? Are your waves bigger than his? Do you have a life plan? The...

Its Not That Hard

I didn’t need Dave Ramsey to get out of debt. I needed to change my behavior! Once I understood and committed to that, I realized that finding a scene like this (by Vashishtha Jogi from Is harder than getting out of debt and having great finances...
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