Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at and I was reading my Daily Hope with Rick Warren yesterday. One of the e-mails I get every day with a little scripture and a little story and a little insight into God and his relationship with us and life and earth and spiritual things versus worldly things.

And it struck me, he said, awe, let me read it, “During this Christmas season we’ll hear one more and more than any other it’s not ‘merry’, ‘free’, ‘Santa’ or even ‘Jesus’.” You see trees and you hear all these words. Kids get excited and the word he picked was “gift”. And we spend all our time and our money in going and finding the right gift wishing we knew somebody better so that we could find the right gift and maybe buying a gift card or something because we don’t have the relationship we should and forget and think about giving. And I know it might be cliche about “remember the reason for the season” but the giving started with God. He gave us breath. He gave us life, gave us bodies, gave us minds with challenges and thoughts. And if that wasn’t enough we took those gifts and took the apple off the tree and have sinful thoughts in secret and don’t bring them to our friends and our brothers in repentance. We have sinful actions and continue to do them. And he continues to forgive us each time. He fixed that with the greatest gift of all.

Jesus Christ was sent here as a babe. The Jews were looking for some great and mighty force to come down from heavens and wipe out the Romans and clear them out of Jerusalem and Israel to set them free. That’s how shortsighted they are and I get caught being just as short sighted in life, and in my spiritual walk, and my family walk, and my husband walk, and forget that this is nothing.

The Roman Invasion and control was nothing compared to the plan and the story that God’s created by sending his Son and then teaching us for three years through His Son with His Son and then offering us the Holy Spirit so that we can always have that idea in our heart. That guidance that fills our heart and mind and we can choose to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit…or we choose not to. And then he sacrificed his Son to free that Spirit to come to be within us as Jesus left this world and took the burden of all of our sins.

So remember the season remember the reason. Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas.

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