Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at and I’ve been off for a couple of weeks, so that’s one of my confessions to share with you. Um, second, this video is not live because…I don’t know..the Wifi and I cul-de-sac isn’t so hot.

The other confession that I have to share is that I asked the other day what you give up first or what you let go first, what you…what feels like a priority or seems like a priority yet it ends up being one of the first things you give up. For me, at that season, I was doing awesome at getting to the gym every day, reading my scripture every day, taking quiet time every day and eating healthy every day. And then I had some opportunities come up, some places to grow my business, grow my finances and family and you know, what I let go first that gym time, that getting up early and those things. So when you come and listen to Top of the mornin’ and to ya! usually it’s something close to my heart, close to my life that has been a challenge in the past or is currently a challenge or could be a challenge or it’s maybe it’s just something that’s really helped me out a bunch.

So as you look at Top of the mornin’ to ya! take away what you can from it and do the best with it, you can. Um, I used to commit to doing Top of the mornin’ every Wednesday morning and then it was every Tuesday morning and I’ve decided to give up that commitment and wait for that wisdom to strike me as it did this morning in my mastermind group. Really looking at what is the priority we read The One Thing in my mastermind group that I lead and sometimes I don’t answer that question or use that question to guide my behavior all the time. And in the mastermind group I participate in we’re reading that book coming up in the next few months. And I’m excited to read it for about the fifth time. But it’s never, never ending battle. The battle of pursuit of excellence just never ends and we’re going to get attacked every time we make a step in the right direction.

So Top of the mornin’ to ya, This is Brian. Be Blessed.

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