Hey this is Brian at LifeChampion.coach. Top of the mornin’ to ya!

It’s another beautiful day in Colorado with varying weather from 32 to 60 so never know what to expect each day.

Recently I’ve talked to you about making sure that you’ve got your A-game on making sure that you are not trying to catch up on things and decreasing your A-game down to something else to just catch up with something or do something to check it off. But instead making sure that you’re doing something to add and contribute value. I just got off a group call with Jay Sammit. We got to visit with him, a very successful entrepreneur working with huge companies and huge ideas.

Now that we’ve got our A-game and we’ve got losing that mindset of catching up on things doing that priority. What are you going to do? What is the priority? Jay’s book that we just recently read is Disrupt You and disruption is finding value.

Looking for value in totally new and different ways. So as you look at your A-game, not catching up on things, putting that priority, what is that priority? What is that thing that you can do that you can contribute to industry, to a family, to a business that’s just so crazy needed that it’s amazing no one has come up with it yet but maybe you’re the one. So start thinking of how do you add value to the world. And this could be the start of your new entrepreneurial venture. This could be your first step toward your side hustle growing and growing and may replace your job and change your entire lifestyle. So take some time out. Keep your A-game on. Keep putting your priority first, and keep looking for ways to disrupt your community.

Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian. Be blessed.

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