Top of the mornin’ to ya. This is Brian with

I’m out here watching the few leaves we have left to cover our lawn hanging out on this bush. We’ve chopped up a bunch of them and piled them up to fertilize the gardens. We have a lot of gardens here. If you look kind of down the edge here, we’ve got about 3 or 4 foot patch all the way around our yard. That goes and about 150 foot of garden and my wife plays in there with some plants, and some flowers, and some spices, and it’s pretty exciting. Took us two batches to get the leaves off the grass and we got most all of them out of the way.

Thinking about leaves piling up and snow coming down, there was a year where I said, “Awe, I’ll do it tomorrow” and it all got covered with snow, really made a mess, and really hurt the grass. That’s a perfect example of a place where you really can’t catch up. The damage was done. The grass was covered by leaves and snow and it wasn’t any good.

I talked last week about putting on your A-game, choosing your game, choosing your A-game, choosing your best game. Last weekend, two weeks ago I was behind on some reading for my mastermind group. And I Started thinking about a game because that’s something I took from a conference I was at recently and I find that when I’m reading my material. Reading a book that I’m really engaged in. I got my A-game going on. I’m trying to get as much value, as much benefit out of the content that I can find. And when I’m reading in that manner it works. But when I’m in catch up mode, it’s more of a checklist I just gotta get it done. I just got to throw my B or C game out there, sprint through it not absorb it, not spend the time with it, and not give it what it needs.

So my theme for this morning is that there’s no catch up. There’s accepting where you’re at, looking at where you’re at, and deciding what the priority is. The word priority is pretty interesting. I can’t remember where I read it but, using that word as a plural is, kind of a modern invention. Back in the founding fathers time frame of our country priority was not a plural idea. It was not a plural subject. They didn’t use the word in its plural form. There was your priority. And as we look at Catching up on reading, Catching up on a job, catching up on sleep, catching up on nutrition. You can’t eat five spinach salads today and expect that to make a difference because of the choices you made and your eating last week. You can’t catch up on your sleep. You can get good sleep and be in a good place. But if you miss five or 10 hours of sleep last week you’re not going to add that on tonight. I’m going to do 10 hours of extra sleep tonight. It doesn’t work.

And when we try to make it work by catching up on a book or catching up on a job something suffers. So as you look at the idea of catch up. Take it out of your thinking. Go back and think about where are we? Where’s my company? where’s my family? Where are we going? What’s the priority? Don’t put stuff in a catch up mode and force yourself to pull out your B or C game.

Top of the mornin’ to ya. This is Brian. Have a blessed day.

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