Think about the amount of time you use a computer. For me, it is pretty big, being a full time programmer on the side I spend whole days there plus I journal, read scripture, play with the kids…

Think about a typical time using the computer checking email, using FaceBook, viewing pictures… Now, think about one minute at the computer—of course typing a paper or newsletter or something might be an exception—I bet that I switch from the keyboard to the mouse at least three times often 5 or more times in just that minute.

What happens when I switch from the keyboard to the mouse? My hand has to move 6 to 18 inches. My hand and brain has to reset the mode of functioning. Then I have to move the mouse around to find what I want and it is often burried in the menus and often takes multiple clicks and moves. Are you getting tired yet? My brain is just thinking about this but I’m not done yet I still have to get back to the keyboard and reset my hands mind to be prepared to type.

Phew! How long does that take? Lets be conservative and say that you’re really good with a computer, a real expert, and say that took 6 seconds. . . count it out I bet it takes you longer. Compared with knowing and using shortcut keys. . .mmm. . .say 1 second. That means, when I use that mouse it costs an extra 5 seconds of from your work, family, and life. If you’re still with me, here’s the kicker: take that estimated 1 minute of computer time that is 60 seconds and the estimated three times using the mouse 3 times 5 equals 15 seconds. That only leaves 60 minus 15 equals 45 seconds to actually work on the computer. When I discovered that I was only productive with 75% of my computer time, I was immediately sold on learning shortcut keys.

Here’s the bad side. I had a co-worker once and we were awesome. We created some great software that really saved people time. We learned their business needs and created workflows and solutions that saved real time in the workplace. When we got stuck we came to each others aid and quickly moved all our projects to higher possibilities and better products than we could on our own. It was a true work experience of iron sharpening iron.

Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.

–Proverbs 27:17 NASB

Here’s where my baldness was increased. We often went to each other’s desk and pair coded (two people writing code together at the same time) and this wonderful man used very few if any shortcut keys. I went insane and pulled out my hair and discovered another area in my life where I will always be in recovery: power, control, pride, arrogance. . . I have to stop now. I should’ve said a bunch of areas. But He’s not done with me yet.

So learn some keyboard shortcuts and increase your living. Some might say it is too hard to fit one of those in my head. I say to you, look at the payoff! God created us all with amazing brains scientists haven’t even come close to understanding. Add a few shortcuts to your brain that you use frequently and let me know if you forgot your birthday or anniversary.

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