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Just had a thought to share with you today it’s going to be pretty short but I was sitting here in my office yesterday with my green screen and my computers, coding away and just as always my wife comes down at dinner-time to call me up. “Time for dinner honey.”

She does a great job of not bothering me during those core hours when I’m working and doing stuff unless it’s something important and it’s just a pleasure to see her come in at dinner time and say, “Hey, time for dinner.” One of the things she does during that time is she stores up ideas and thoughts and things she wants to talk about. Last night I failed. I dropped the ball. I was sitting here coding and she knocked, and she came in, and she walked around next to me and kind of sat right here, stood right here where this chair is. And she did the Charlie Brown teacher, “Wah wah wah wah wah wah.”

OK. She didn’t do the Charlie Brown teacher, but I did the Charlie Brown teacher and that was the wrong thing to do. And it made me think about the retreat, or not retreat, but the conference I was at last weekend and the first speaker talked about having a place and having a stage set. When you meet with your customers to put them on their A-game. And I was definitely on my B-game with Leah last night.

The game is just a choice. You can choose your A-game or you can choose your B-game. But what I find a lot, especially in my life is sometimes I don’t choose and I just kind of flow A-B-C-game just milling around. Sometimes it’s my A-game sometimes it’s my B-game. How about the old story of going to church with your B-C-game in the car, you open the door and A-game turns on. But being intentional about knowing that you have a game, that you have a choice, that you have a position to pay and play whether it’s you’re going to pay the game to give people what they deserve or you’re going to put on your B-game.

I find that a lot in volunteer experiences that a lot of folks put on a B-game. They schedule or sign up to do something and serve in their community or their church. And “Oh, well something came up so I’m not going to make it because it’s just a volunteer thing.” That’s, that’s no good.

That’s no good because, really, where we spend our time, which game we’re playing is our real self. And if you spend too much time on a B or C-game, you’re B or C. If you’re intentionally looking at and choosing that A-game you’re an A-game. So naming the problem I think is the first step in being intentional about choosing the game that you’re going to show up with. Choosing a game that I’m going to play today. With my wife last night, I could have been, “Hey, thanks for calling me to dinner. Hang on a minute, let me wrap up this thought that I was in the middle of coding or writing an email…” I don’t remember what it was. So definitely there is a sign that it wasn’t as important as she is. But when we’re working or doing something, to give people the A-game courtesy of saying hey let me wrap this up and then I’ll give you my full attention.

And I did that in hindsight, after I was just finishing up my thing I recognized that Wah wah wah wah. And I looked at her with my puppy-dog face and said, “Can you say that again. I really wasn’t with you and I’m sorry.” So fix it right away is the end of the message today.

Top of the mornin’ to ya. Have a blessed day.

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