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Brian Seim Life ChampionMy joy in life is helping others find direction and improve their lives. One thing I can’t do alone is see the best direction for my life. I rely on my coach and my mastermind groups to give me clarity, question and challenge my actions, and be there for my support, accountability, and coaching.

As an alpine ski racing coach of 15 years, I always had other coaches and mentors around. When I transitioned into professional life as a software developer and eventually an entrepreneur and life and personal finance coach, they were harder to find. That is when I was humbled. That is when I admitted I am not the best I can be on my own. God told me that years before, but I am slow to listen. That is when I founded one and joined another mastermind and hired a coach. Knowing the clarity with which I can see others’ lives and reflect that back to them in an understandable way, gave me the confidence in adding a coach to my team.

One of the greatest hindrances to life freedom is debt, so, unless you are debt free (except for your home) do not scroll beyond the next paragraph. If you are carrying debt, please, please, please enroll in a Financial Peace University course at your earliest opportunity OR join my Debt Freedom Mastermind.

Alright, and congratulations for making it past the last paragraph. The life freedom that is achieved from debt freedom is the first step. You did it! Now lets create your life of freedom. I encourage you to approach this through a Championship Mastermind but if you want to work with me one on one as your champion, click the link below to schedule a life championship interview. Once I receive your booking, I’ll send you an application to complete before our session. Then together we’ll determine if Life Championship with a Life Champion is a good match for you.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Life Championship includes:

  • On Average, three 1-hour strategy and progress chats (via phone, internet, or in person) each month
  • “Unlimited” email & text dialogue for questions, accountability, and feedback
  • Additional phone pep talks to support in the moment
  • DISC profile assessment


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