Budgeting Time With Importance and Mindfulness

Are you budgeting your time? What are you doing right now? No, I don’t mean reading this. I mean, what were you doing just before reading this? Was it something urgent and demanding your attention? Were you absently going through your email for the fiftieth time today? Or, was it something important? I’m reading the book Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World now and it started me thinking about a book I read years ago: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change (both affiliate links) multiple times. How am I spending my time? Is it on important things or just urgent ones?Urgent isn't always Important

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College Funding for Your Kids

Parents have many desires. One of the top desires in our family has been helping our children with college funding. My parents, as I said in Millionaire Mind handled their money well. They saved for each of us and helped with a majority of our college funding. Thanks Mom & Dad. Every family is different and approach a college education in different ways.

Banner College Savings

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Use the Power of “No” to Magnify Your “Yes”

Sitting here because I failed to apply this blog post’s title to my week. I said “yes” to to many things: Facebook, personal financing, child requests. Taking some time out to do something completely different that I enjoy is the one thing I did right this week that was a yes. In fact, writing that sentence, I thought of another thing I needed to do and I almost said yes. Instead, I put it on my task list.

Yes No road split decision

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Millionaire Mind

I didn’t know I needed a millionaire mind. My parents may be millionaire’s, I don’t know. Our money was one thing we didn’t talk about at home. Sure we got the basics: give a tithe, save for college and then for retirement. I didn’t know what we needed or used to live. I do remember one point after I went to college and the rest of the family was going to Mexico. Shortly after that, mom said something about maybe having been “too frugal”. The thing I do know is my parents have the millionaire mind.

Normal family at sunset

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Insurance For Debt Freedom

Who wants insurance? In fact, there were periods of my life where I had only auto insurance, no health, no life, no renters etc. That’s not a good plan but the Lord brought me through those days without significant harm.

Insurance Banner

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