Top of the mornin’ to ya, this is Brian at Welcome to a new week and a new day. My topic this morning is “What do you drop first? What do you let go of? What is the first thing that comes off of your routine when your schedule’s tight? Things are busy and you’re stressed out and um, should they be the first things?”

So I know that, uh, when I’ve been reflecting on my life the last few months and the first things that I dropped are working out at the gym, working out altogether and reading my scriptures and uh, eating snacks, um, and my choice of snacks. So those are the first three things to go.

We’ve got a sign on our kitchen window that has God at the top, me second, my family, um, my community, um, including my church, my job and everything else and then the rest of the world. And those are, those are kind of our priorities to think through. Um, and when I think about God and me dropping my eating well and dropping my working out and dropping my reading of scriptures doesn’t keep those top two items um, stocked up. Yeah, it might serve something down below. But does it serve something down below? Something down below is going to be less well served. If I’m not taking care of me and God and my relationship ship there, um, my body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. And if I’m dropping my “temple duties”, um, how good is my temple going to be in serving the world and showing the world to God?

So I’m just really working hard to find other ways, set boundaries in other places so that those remain THE priority. And uh, they get done first they get done rain or shine, they get done in a fix, in a challenge, in a crunch. They get done first, first thing in the morning. Um, I heard a good thing recently about working out and stuff and somebody, the question is “When is the best time to work out?” And then the answer Tom Schwab gave us was “The best time to work out is the time you’ll actually do it.” The best time to eat well is the time you will eat well, um, I guess along that train of thought, maybe it is when’s the best time to shop for your groceries? And that’s the time when you’re well fed and feeling good and then you don’t end up having those bad foods in your house. Got a bunch of kids now and they like a little more sweets than I do. So I have more sweets and temptation around than I would normally like.

But you’ve got to find a system and find a plan that works for you. Everyone’s different and everybody has a style and you gotta find the system that works for you. And then you got to stick to it. So form those habits, build those habits and don’t think you can get them done in 21 days. Uh, studies have shown it takes from 14 to 250 days in some of the books and research that I’ve read on forming a habit, depending on how much you want it and how easy the habit is. So take those habits, take those–that will power and that energy of discipline. Turn stuff into habits so you don’t have to think about it. And when you’re making a decision, don’t let go of those habits that are key and crucial to your success in all other areas of life.

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Be blessed.

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