Are you in the same place you were 6 months ago?
Are you looking for a board of directors for your life?
Are you ready for accountability in change?

“From Job to Business” Mastermind Group
Meets Monday’s at 10:30 Mountain Time
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Join a Life Champion Mastermind Group

“You can accomplish more in one year by being involved with a mastermind group than you can in a lifetime not being involved with a mastermind group.”
–Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

You have made a bold choice by coming to this page. You are about to sign up for the ultimate in accountability, support, and love as you take on the challenge to change your life, your family’s life, your community, church, and the world. You will soon no longer see the world and yourself the way you used to. In the words of Morpheus, “Welcome to the real world.”

“Job to Business” Mastermind Group

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What does it look like to be in a “Job to Business” Mastermind Group

  • Weekly one hour meetings with the group including:
    • goal and progress reflection
    • goal setting and feedback
    • hot seat – take your turn getting your questions answered and being lovingly grilled by the group
    • team discussions and revelations
    • book review and discussion
  • Periodic one hour individual championship session to enhance you individually and your results from the mastermind group
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing growth and sharing
  • Text, email, and phone pep talks in the heat of the moment

How do I join:

  • Be debt free or working with a budget and plan for debt freedom
  • IF NOT look at the Debt Freedom Mastermind below. Start there and then upgrade to the Championship Mastermind upon “graduation”
  • Mastermind Interest Conversation

What are the costs:

  • Monthly: $497.00 value for only $197.00
  • Annually: $5,964.00 value for $2,167.00 (one month free)

Debt Freedom Group Coaching

What does it look like to be in the Debt Freedom Group Coaching

  • Weekly meetings with the group for 3 months including:
    • goal and progress reflection
    • goal setting and feedback
    • budget review and discussion
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing growth and sharing

How do I join:

What are the costs (cash only):

  • Monthly: $197.00 value for only $97.00
  • Quarter (3 months): $591.00 value for only $197.00

Brian Seim Life Champion
“You are what you eat, you play what you say, you achieve what you believe. Join a mastermind and change your achievements.”
–Brian Seim Life Champion

Pat Flynn
“A mastermind group is mandatory to achieve online success.”
–Pat Flynn

Michael Hyatt
“Few things can accelerate you toward your goals faster than participating in a mastermind.”
–Michael Hyatt

Karyn Greenstreet
“The beauty of Mastermind Groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.”
–Karyn Greenstreet

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