Top of the morning to ya, this is Brian at I’m running a little late this morning, got a busy Wednesday. I think I’m going to switch our meeting to Tuesdays in the future because I have a meeting every other Wednesday morning with my software business and uh, that kinda gets in the way and can disrupt my schedule. One of the things that’s happening in my software business right now is it’s really thriving. We’ve put some actions into place and have an income in the immediate and plans for a more passive aligned income down the road and uh, send out some big invoices lately. And that’s made me what really content really at peace, being at peace and being content is scriptural. Paul says that in all circumstances to be content.

One of the things I find for me is I may get a little confused between being content and complacent. When I have success or I have a victory, or even if I have a failure, I can get complacent and just go “That’s how it is.” “OK.” on the negative side. On the positive side, I can be like, everything is in place, everything’s wonderful, I can relax in this glory. And, right now–the last few weeks, it’s really kind of slowed me down in some of my 36 month goals as part of my 12 week year planning and that complacency of, yeah, I don’t have to hustle as much feels good for a season.

One of the podcasts I used to listen to is Hack the Entrepreneur with Johnny Nastor and he’s got a lot of advice and guidance for productivity and getting things done. One of his best things that he’s offered me and offer the world is the 24-Hour-Reset. When something goes crappy, you get a 24-Hour-Reset. When something goes awesome, you get a 24-HourReset. That’s a good tool to defend against that complacency when things are going crappy, aren’t making your goals OK, accept that, cry about it, moan about it and mope about it. Whatever you need to do. But you only get 24 hours. Then you reset. You get a new start. You get a new life in the video game mentality these days. On the other hand, when you get a great victory, a giant invoice you send out or your land a big project, or you do something that really helps and grows your company, your family, your whatever you’re struggling with. Whatever your goals are in line with, celebrate! Relax a little bit, go out for lunch, go out for dinner, go to a movie, splurge on something, but you got 24 hours. After that reset and keep going because you want to experience more of those. In becoming complacent can–saw slow the blue that–I can speak–slow down your progress.

Complacency is a bad thing. Contentment is a good thing. Being content where you are, being content with what you have, is going to help you with the 24-Hour-Reset success, but it shouldn’t take your eyes off of the goals and aspirations and dreams. Where complacency can take you off of that, puts you in that give up mentality and puts you in binds, bind you up, slow you down and stop you.

So be content, but have a plan. Have a goal, have a vision. Paul’s goal and vision was to spread the Lord’s word around the world. My vision is to provide mastermind and reintegration services for felons. And right now my mastermind group is “From a Job to a Business”. That’s helping individuals move from a job to a business. I think that same realm is going to be really helpful as we expand and serve the prison population.

So be blessed this week and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

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