Top of the mornin’ to Ya! This is Brian at

Just do it. Just do it is the theme today. I’ve had times in my life where I haven’t been organized. I haven’t been strategized. Right now, my organization, my planning, my strategies are, are at their peak. I’ve got block scheduling so I know what I’m doing throughout the day. I’ve got long range goals so that I know that what I’m doing this week and this month and the today are in line with getting me to where I’m going.

And I rolled up this morning–I have a rule and it’s, if I wake up after 4:45, get up and go to the gym, get up and go for a bike ride, get up and go do my workout. Working on working out six days a week right now. And there was a hesitation. There was a thought, there was a comment. Yeah. I took last yesterday off and Monday I was really sick so I didn’t work out for a couple of days and that can just interfere with the, just do it. Um, but having the block, having that schedule, having that rule, having that plan from the day before or the night before or the weekend before, what am I doing? Each step of the way really helps me get through everything. Having this much willpower each day. I consumed a lot of it this morning by hesitating, thinking and debating it. When I went to bed last night. I was thinking like Miracle Morning says, I’m getting plenty of sleep, in the morning I’m going to feel awake and energized and I do because I finally got up and only took a couple minutes, but it shouldn’t have taken any time at all.

I allowed question to enter my mind and that caused me to have a little willpower struggle and slowdown actually sucked that away on my blog about to our web post about willpower suck. I’ve got another post about the biggest liar when we talk to ourselves and I’ll talk about those a little bit more in the weeks to come, but when you have something ahead of you plan it out. Plan out the strategy. Mark, those times, mark the activity, how long it’s going to take, and if you get done early, celebrate, go for an extra walk. Spend some time with your wife, um, give an old friend a call. If we finished late, stop. Think through the rest of the time blocks for the day. Re-position them, re-prioritize them, and then do it. Do it, do it, do it, just do it. That’s what I got.

Top of the mornin’ to Ya! This is Brian. Be Blessed.

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