Top of the mornin’ to ya, this is Brian at and I’m doing something a little different today. I actually tried to start this as a Facebook live, but the connection in my neighborhood isn’t quite strong enough to keep up with that. So we’re going to give it a “take two” and just do the regular video as we look at the thought for the week. The thought for the week is a maximizing. That’s not the exact term I’m looking for. There’s a counseling term that they have for it. Maximizing is looking at situations and using terms to describe them such as everyone, everything, no one, nothing so saying and including that everyone is against me, everyone is for me. No one can do that. Um, and another word related to that is catastrophizing — looking at a situation, looking at a circumstance and making it out to be the worst it could be.

Like when we have the wrong kind of dinner, our kids come into the kitchen. It’s always seems to be a different one. Each time is like, Oh, you made this dinner to destroy me. You’re against me. You picked this food because I don’t like it. Ah, No, it has nothing to do with you. We picked it because somebody likes it and we need to eat different variety of foods so that we can stay healthy. So catastrophizing or maximizing is a easy thing to get wrapped up in. Um, I know. Finding a job. No, there’s no jobs available. Yes, there are. They’re all over the place. Um, no, I can’t find a job in the field that I want to have a job in. Ahh, yes you can. You might not be able to start at the salary you want or the role you want. But uh, everything’s possible.

Um, few years or last year, I think it was, I wrote a post that you might want to go look up, um, on the biggest liar because when we do these maximizing things, these catastrophic lies that we tell ourselves. We believe us. We believe us more than we believe a lot of other folks. So being able to question yourself question–especially when it’s a maximize: “all”, “every”, “no”, “none”–Think about those kinds of things when you’re telling yourself one of those kinds of things, there’s probably some sort of lie wrapped in that. You’re maximizing to biggest or to the smallest. There’s none available or there’s so much that there’s no other options. Everything’s blocked out because of everything else. So the blog posts that I wrote about who’s the biggest liar that we believe or something like that because one, we tell ourselves lies everyday and until we can get to a point where we question ourselves in our lies and we can’t break those barriers down, we can’t get through that.

So listen to yourself talk, listen to what’s going on in your head. No, I’m not saying you’re crazy. I might be a little crazy, but listen to yourself talk and evaluate how much of that self-talk has “all” or “none”. Big words that include everything with no exceptions or small words that exclude everything, with no exceptions and question those. That’s a good place to start because I’ll say it, “All of those are lies”–they aren’t. Most of them are lies. A lot of them are lies, but until we start questioning those and the truth held in them, we can’t differentiate the lies from the truth and some of those are true, but most of them that slow us down or hinder our progress are not an “all” they might be a “most”, they might be a “half”, they might be a “some”, but don’t let maximizing or catastrophising invade your life. Live your life, find truth, seek truth, and you’ll be a happier person. This is Brian, top of the mornin’ to ya. Be Blessed.

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