Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at We spent the last couple of weeks talking about the circles of life. I’ve got a little diagram here that you can’t see it because it’s backwards. It’s got the circle of influence–things you can influence and control, the circle of concern–things that you’re concerned or care about, and the circle of awareness–things that you know about, that you are aware of, that you’ve learned about.
Venn Diagram: Life Circles

Last week we talked about the circle of awareness and this week we’re going to move to the circle of concern. W hat is it in your circle of concern. As we look at the three circles, we talked last week about awareness and thinking about where we’re focusing our stuff is focused in areas of our concern and areas of our influence are areas of both. And this week I’m going to just–kind of–it’s probably going to be pretty short. Looking at areas of concern or the circle of concern. So in that circle is everything that I’m concerned about.

I’m concerned about growing my business as a software engineer. I’m concerned about growing my business as a life champion and leading men from a job to a business. More than that I’m concerned about doing both of those tasks in a Godly way and following His lead, His instruction in my life. I may set my goals and make my plans. But he directs my steps. Above business and below God follows me. I’m the next most important person. So along with me is my wife and then our kids and our family. Then our church and community and I’m concerned about all those things as well as our state, our country, our world the environment, the polar ice caps, eating healthy, taking care of myself–I’m getting back to the beginning again.

But lots of those things I’m concerned about I may or may not be able to influence I may or may not be… And there’s a whole bunch of them right out here…in that big concern circle. All this stuff out here I’m not even aware of. I am not aware of lots of things that I’m probably pretty concerned about. I’m not aware of what the new tax laws mean to my family, my personal taxes and my business taxes. I’m not aware of. I don’t know. I can’t tell you what I’m not aware of.

You know what that tells me that tells me that I need help. I need church. I need men’s group. I need a mastermind. I need a team that can help me find things that are in my area of concern that I’m not aware of. Help me find things that are going to affect my business, my family, and my life…other’s businesses, other’s families, other’s lives that I care and I’m concerned about that I don’t even know about.

So one of the mistakes I’ve made through most of my life is knowing everything “I know everything” and “I’m right” and as I’ve grown older and balder and I hope wiser. I’m not aware of everything. I’m not concerned about…I’m not aware of many of the things I should be concerned about.

So analyze this week your resources to bring stuff that’s in your area of concern into your area of awareness so that you can be more aware of those things that may be of a concern to you.

Next week we’re going to bring it all together with our influence. Thanks for listening. Have a blessed day.

Parent Article: Awareness of Your Circles

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