Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at and lets see how that works. Going to have to do this a little differently. I’m going to raise that up a little bit.

Talk about action shots.

All right. Can we zoom in? Oh look we can zoom in on Facebook Live. All right. Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is Brian at I went for a little run this morning my gym membership ran out. And I can’t decide whether to keep and renew for two more years. Pretty good deal two years for about 15 bucks a month. And so just taking some time to use the free stuff that I have around a beautiful neighborhood. My run around the neighborhood is about two point seven five miles and did the GB-9 test with my mastermind group this morning.

Oh! That was exhausted burpes, push ups, and planks, and squats and wore me out.

But this last week I’ve been thinking about circles. Circles of life I’ve diagramed here. Oh yeah. You can’t read that can ya? Huh?

I’ll have to think about that–I’ll put this diagram up on the website when we post this video clip on the website. But circles of life, kind of put together in a Venn diagram. Not really of life but really of . . . of awareness is one of the circles. Influence is one of the circles and concern of the circles.

So as we look at the diagram here this is the circle of influence, circle of concern and the circle of awareness. Influence is all the things that I can affect, all the things that I can change, that I if I do something in that space of influence it makes a difference, it can actually do something. The circle of concern. Is the things that I’m concerned about that. I’m concerned. About that fence over there not being painted. And I guess it’s in my area influence. Actually I’m not concerned about it at all. I’m aware of the final circle. I’m aware that fence needs to be painted. It’s in my circle of influence. But it’s not in my circle of concern. It falls right in here. I could influence it. I am aware of it but I’m not concerned about it.

When we look at all these circles it’s going to help us put our efforts in the right places and when our efforts in the right places. We get better results.

I’m going to try and tip this up a little bit. Can I tip this up a little bit? Yeah…

When we were working in our area of influence, we get results. We get action. Where we have we run into trouble when we get into our area of awareness that’s outside of our area of influence. We get in our area of concern and awareness. Right here in this little triangle that’s outside our influence.

One of the greatest examples I always hear from (cough cough) excuse me Dave Ramsey is you drive down the road and this guy hollers at you. And you holler back because he cut you off and you’re all angry and blah blah blah blah. He’s off taking off to work and you’re still being angry about it. Because its in your area of concern. It’s in your area of awareness. But it’s not in your area of influence. He’s driving off to work. He’s over it. He’s feeling better and you’re driving the rest of your way to work. Being all cranky and angry about it.

We’ve got a 18 year old at home and he’s a little…delayed in his maturing I guess is a nice way to say it. He’s slightly autistic so he’s in that 13 to 15 year old freedom mode and. There are some things that we aren’t going to invest our energy on.

We’re aware of them have influence on them. We are concerned about them. But we’re not doing anything about them because we have things that we’re more concerned about. That he’s prepared to leave our home, that he’s prepared to make a living in society, that our relationship is more important.

Our 10 year old gets in a position where she’s influenced by him. She’s aware of what’s happening. She’s concerned about it. But. It’s not in her area of influence to control his behavior and control how he’s treating her and how she. How she feels because of it. She can control how she feels that’s in her area of influence and she gets really kind of frustrated with us because of the choices and the values we’re making. And at the same time it’s an opportunity for her to learn what’s in her area of influence in her area of control. What she can control. She can remove herself from the place and the position.

So I think I’m going to keep talking about this over the next couple of weeks. I may look at each little segment of this and kind of talk a little bit deeper about it. But think about…what you are aware of…and… What part of that you can influence…and…what part of both of those, you’re concerned about.

And these circles move. They grow, they shrink, they shift around. Things out here in my area of concern may become in my area of influence as I learn, as I grow, as I get different relationships. Things that I’m aware of may become more in my area of influence. The scary thing is there’s things in our influence that I’m not even aware of. I can make a difference in places I’m not aware of or concerned about. And they can easily move into any of these three little triangles here in the middle. So. Think about. Where are you going in life. Where your influence is and how you can change that. And where your concern and awareness is and how you can change that to make this world a better place. Top of the mornin’ to you! This is Brian.
Venn Diagram: Life Circles

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