Hey this is Brian at LifeChampion.coach and something happened yesterday and it was pretty amazing across this country. People were pulling together and having a good time coming together for celebration, for awesomeness of God and His creation, coming together for something good.

We see it so many times where people come together in times of disaster, in times of need, in times of struggle and pull together and work with each other and fight for something to save somebody and help somebody out. But we don’t see it so much where people come together and see unity on celebrating and doing something fun and just celebrating the goodness of life the goodness of getting together. And it took the great American eclipse to bring everyone together. And that’s just silly.

We’ve got communities that we’re all part of that we don’t connect unless we have an eclipse to bring us there. Look at your communities take attendance of where you’re a member. In your home, in your family and your neighborhood and your church and your town and your city and state. And start finding ways to celebrate and come together. We get together every week or two with our next door neighbors and just have dinner and celebrate our families coming together.

So don’t wait for the next great American eclipse to do something and celebrate.

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