Top of the mornin’ to ya this is Brian at and I got a new toy today. I got a little holder device for the top of my tripod so that I can hang my phone up there and be a little more real as I give my top of the mornin’. It’s pretty exciting. It’s funny, because as I was getting ready today and my topic is on giving. That it’s about me buying something new. And I find it. Kind of ironic that the topic is giving. And I’m spending money on myself spending money in my company. But it is my company and it is my business that provides the means that I can give.

One of the speakers at the USummit this fall. Said you’ve got to make it. Before you can make a difference. And sometimes I get that mixed up. Where I try to make a difference, make a difference, and make a difference before I’ve made it, before I’ve done what I need to do to be in a position to do that kind of giving. I also disagree with him somewhat because there is a difference that we can all make. Whether it’s big or small. Small differences like my kids, “I want to buy this and I need three dollars.”

And my younger daughter tells the older daughter “oh here take it. Take this money that you need.”

And I like “You can’t keep doing that.” And then I start thinking, maybe you can keep doing that. Maybe if you keep doing that you’ll be a better giver than I’ve ever been. And maybe. You’ll just have abundance because of your giving mindset because you’re so loose with your money.

Our pastor always talks about giving us the hand. When we. Grab on and hold what we have. Can’t spend it. We can’t use it. We also can’t put more into it. But when we open our hand. We let it fall out. We let it be used. We can also receive more falling into it.

SIDEBAR: Man I love this tripod I can get my hands in here. Not a hand talker so don’t expect too much of that. But sometimes it helps to have some hands and you’re talking about is way off task.

Giving, in our mastermind community this month we’re talking about giving, we’re talking about different ways we give, and different ways we serve.

I spent a lot of my life giving by orders. My parents forced us to tithe. And I was OK with it. We got our allowance and we put 10 percent in church each week and they raised us well and doing that. But when I went to college and for a big section of my life probably 18 years I didn’t give. I didn’t tithe. I gave time and I served the organizations I was working for and I gave above and beyond. But that’s just…workaholism? That’s just giving to impress people out of co-dependency or something. It’s not giving out of the spirit. Yeah it felt good but not as good as true giving.

Once I came to my senses and had a life change and transition I was like, I need to give and I started giving. And my mindset at the time was I need to give and make up. There is no makeup. You can’t make up time, you can’t make up giving. One of my Top of the mornin’s recently was don’t catch up, what’s the priority and follow it. So I was giving and giving more abundantly and giving more than my 10 percent tithe. I was probably getting a little proud and thinking about acts of service and making up and doing good by the acts that I do. At that point,

I was starting to read Dave Ramsey and I had some debt and I was working through it. And, it was a challenge for me, but Dave talked about giving our tithes and then our offerings. A tithe is that first 10 percent. And when we go past that 10 percent, whatever more we can afford, that’s our offerings.

One of the things you may know about Dave Ramsey is he has a famous course around the country called Financial Peace University. My wife and I teach that every year and have been blessed by that ministry. During that time, he said, if you’re in debt and God has given you an income and a job so you can tithe. But the other 90 percent is intended for you to use. So he really left me with the mindset of capping my giving at that 10 percent in my money so that I can become debt free and we’ve done that. I think it’s almost two years now we’ve been debt free except for our home. We’re setting goals and making plans to pay off our home as well. So I’m gonna say that was a hurdle for me to get over to understand that I don’t need. And I can’t do better than giving what He asked of me. And using the rest of the money as His steward to pay off the debt of our family and put our family in a better position and train our children about Biblically using their money.

I heard some stories of giving this week that were phenomenal. Just people going out of their way and just blessing people. On the radio, some waitress received a 2,000 dollar tip. One of the guys I know has rental properties and was collecting rent. He had his young son with them on the trip and his son. Observed him picking up rent and they had a discussion with one of the renters. They have washer dryer hookups in the home. But the renters spend 60 bucks a month at the laundromat because they don’t have a washer and dryer.

So he was giving of his time and his wisdom and coached this family briefly about Craigslist and finding drivers and washers are like 200 bucks. And he found one. They were making plans to purchase it and get it. And she called him, and his son was with him in the car. She said, “Well can we, can you not cash our check till next week.”

He kind of discussed it and told her no you need to…maybe he said he needed to think about it. And then he discussed it with his son and said “What should we do?”

His son looked at him said, “Well dad, you got 200 bucks right?”

And a big grin went across his face he said, “Yeah I do.”

So they went to this lady and said, “I need to cash your check for your rent…and here’s 200 dollars. Go get yourself that washer.”

So those kind of blessings are amazing gifts that we can give where somebody can’t do it themselves make a difference. More so in us than the people we bless.

So get out there in this Christmas season and start a habit of giving. And then extend it for the rest of the year.

This is Brian at Have a blessed day.

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